Storyteller, Problem Solver & Aspirational Millenial

Hi! I’m Julian

I have ADHD, a unique professional journey and I started over at 25. I’m learning in public & figuring it out as I go.

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Here you will find posts from No Imposters Here, stories and lessons from my work and past experiences as well as tips & tricks. This path features lots of personality but focuses mostly on work and passion projects.


In this section I take the freedom to explore deeply personal stories and topics, ranging from light-hearted travel logs to deeper and more personal explorations of mental health, relationships and depression. I’m an open book and start the dialogue on challenging topics.


I like your style! Think of this as the “Everything Bagel”. This path will show you all the articles and content I have shared, merging both the Professional and persona paths into one giant knowledge base … aka, my blog.