Inside the mind of One Julian Engel

Hi. I’m Julian.

What this space is, what to expect and a little introduction.

I have ADHD, a cat named Cosmo and two dogs (Lucy and Robin), love to run, tell stories and be creative (albeit in my own way). I ran a digital agency, got burned our more often than I can count, suffer from depression and in 2022 got Depersonalization-derealization disorder. The last 12 months have been the hardest of my life, but also the most transformative and rewarding. Now, at 25, it’s time to start over. Join me on the journey?


Weekly (Every Tuesday) Email with:

  • A blog post, some thoughts or insights from the week or a fun story from the last years

  • 1 new tool or lesson I’ve discovered (from AI to tricks in Notion)

  • The best reads (articles, books and videos) I’ve come across scouring the internet

  • Updates and behind-the-scenes peeks at projects I’m passionate about

  • Probably a picture of Cosmo, Lucy or Robin.

Topics in the blog include: Running a start-up, traveling, mental health in the age of the internet, depression and burnout, marketing & awesome campaigns, fun stories and memories and everything in between. I’m in the early stages of figuring out how exactly this will work 🙂

Just here for the professional scoop?

You can subscribe to In Depth Marketing here, a bi-weekly email about cool campaigns from around the world, emerging trends and insights into how our campaigns at The Codeero Group and Nutrified work and result.

Back to the longer version:

At the beginning of 2022, I decided it’s time to share my work, share my life and start to keep my friends and close people more up to date. After years of doing social media at work, it was time to do it for myself.
I started doing a “blog” on Instagram, and managed to get a full 5 posts out.
Then I missed a day. Then a week. Then a month. Suddenly, it felt awkward to start again. “I’ll do it on the weekend”, I kept telling myself.
By 2023, it was time to update my bio. Who am I and what do I do? Well, that question baffled me. Who am I? [Insert usual Monday morning existential crisis here.]
The answer is long, difficult and ever-evolving, and I don’t think I fully have it. I’ll still give it a try:

  1. I am a project-manager, marketing enthusiast and storyteller.

  2. I was a self-taught developer, entrepreneur and passionate amateur in a variety of fields. (Thanks ADHD). I used to run marathons and loved it.

  3. I will be a creative human, showing my work and sharing my progress. (The book that finally gave me this push was Show Your Work by Austin Kleon).

I am learning to let go perfectionism, old habits, to love myself and be proud of the things I do. It’s a process, but I am making good strides.

Starting this publication is a big step and risk. Opening up to the internet is a daunting task, fighting of fears of failure and being open about what’s going on. Yet, if even 1 person can benefit, I think ultimately it’ll be worth it. These are the very early beginnings, so lots will be changing. Come along for the ride?

Too many emails?

Don’t worry about it. Email fatigue is a very real thing. If you prefer to just check in from time to time you can do that right here at or over on Twitter X. I’ll get used to that eventually. It’s @JulianEngel13

Just here for the professional scoop?

That’s fine too! You can subscribe to In Depth Marketing here, a bi-weekly email about cool campaigns from around the world, emerging trends and insights into how our campaigns at Codeero and Nutrified are going.

Final Thoughts

Words of encouragement? Thoughts? Improvements? Let me know down below.

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